Based on the original cost of smoking when most of us first started smoking at $10 per packet of 25 cigarettes:

If you smoke
25 a day

If you smoke
50 a day
If you smoke
75 a day
If none of these apply, work out your own
per day $10 $20 $30  
per week $70 $140 $210  
per month $300 $600 $900  
per year $3,650 $7,300 $10,950  
10 years $36,500 $73,000 $109,500  
20 years $73,000 $146,000 $219,000  

Smokers already know that there can be large costs associated with the smoking habit. But although the daily or weekly cost of a packet of cigarettes can seem relatively minor in the scheme of things, it suddenly becomes astounding when viewed over the period of a year. Statistics show that the average smoker spends nearly $300 a month on cigarettes — that’s more than $3500 each year! We won't even talk about over 10 or 20 years!

Stop smoking and you will save money!

Not only will you find all kinds of benefits associated with health, confidence and freedom — but giving up smoking also makes good economic sense!
PS: After you have worked out your own cost of smoking from the chart, don't forget that those figures do not include the ‘extra costs’ such as higher insurance premiums, extra medical and dental care, burn holes in your clothing, car and furniture and so on. So when you do stop smoking, you will be saving even MORE every week, every month and every year!


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